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Like many in the world, the COVID-19 virus has put our lives on hold as well. As Brad and Mike continue in their work as teachers from home, Connor continues to head to his job in the Biotech industry each day doing his part. Joe's CPA test has been postponed and Dave is fortunate to be able to work remotely from home.

We realize the significant toll this pandemic is taking on lives and families and wish to extend our thoughts and prayers to all in these challenging times.


We were scheduled to be in Vermont on April 24,25 and 26 at Guilford Sound to start the last tracks for our upcoming album, but due to the circumstances we will look to continue the work when it is safer for all of our guys and friends who would have been involved. We look forward to completing the tracks and releasing the album as soon as we are able. So please stay tuned and check out our social media for our stay at home posts!!!

But most importantly we want to extend our thanks and gratitude to all of those that venture out in uncertainty and at personal risk to make sure that all of us continue to be fed, cared for and protected. You are true heroes....

Blessings to all.


Water Street


 "Water Street is one of the best well-rounded musical efforts emerging from the indie scene in recent memory."

                                                    ~Lydia Hillenberg, Vents Magazine




Born out of the northwest hills of NJ in the shadow of the Appalachian Ridge,

Water Street mixes soulful acoustic melodies, enticing bluegrass mandolin riffs, and a driving rhythm section with some hints of funk which combine to create a unique Pop/Americana sound. 

The band is named after the real life

Water Street in Blairstown, where in 2014 the founding members began playing

and practicing in an old warehouse adjacent to the Paulinskill Creek.

The band released their first full length album Waiting for Martin in 2016 and followed it up with Dear You a six track

EP in 2018 and have appeared on the pages of Vents Magazine and The Indie Music Review. They are currently working on their third release, due out in 2020.


"This is Americana music for our modern world, still full of the same depth and soul heard on classic recordings, but much more resonate with our modern lives"

- Joshua Stride, Music Existence


"Water Street are more than a talented regional act – they are a band whose talents leave them teetering on the cusp of greatness."


-Bradley Johnson, Carlitos Music Blog



"Water Street embodies the best of modern Americana while surrounding their material with an excellence that extends far past typical." 


-Monty Zike, Valhalla Music Blog







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